15-17 January 2019 ExCel London Exhibition Centre
Bringing the industry together in two great shows

Sega Amusements international To Present A Host Of New Games At EAG & VAE 2018

Sega’s exciting product portfolio will include:-


  • Ticket Redemption, Carnival Themed.
  • Available Now! (Initial orders have started shipping now)
  • This game is made by Sega and ICE – both leaders in the coin op, Redemption industry.

Sega presents its brand new redemption game based on the all-time classic carnival game Hoopla. Designed specifically to encourage parents, kids and friends to play together, players must simply get the hoops on the seven illuminated pegs to win tickets.

With its colourful carnival theming and “Roll Up, Roll Up” style audio effects, Hoopla makes a perfect addition to any FEC and with it’s intuitive and fun gameplay Hoopla is a must play game for any player and will become a classic for generations to come!

  • Carnival ticket redemption game.
  • Simple hoop throwing fun.
  • Quick hoop returning conveyer belt.
  • Exciting bonus round feature.
  • Play for fun version available.
  • Optional bonus marquee available.



  • Ticket Redemption
  • Available Now!

Wheel of Fortune has come to life in this beautifully impressive re-creation of the game show classic, making it perfect for any FEC. Following the original game format of spelling out ‘WHEEL OF FORTUNE’! Players simply spin the huge wheel with one pull of the lever – every spin will add a letter to the puzzle and pay out tickets. Complete all the words and scoop
the big bonus ticket win! With an interactive game show host and voice-over prompts, this game is sure to keep players wanting to spin the wheel one more time.

  • 42” hd ‘see-thru’ screen
  • Simply one lever pull action
  • Real life game show feel
  • Linking and marquee option
  • Multilingual


  • Video Redemption
  • Available in January.

Pirate Falls is an action-packed pirate-themed redemption game that players will fall in love with instantly.  By simply moving the barrel controller left and right, players must keep the pirate balanced on the floating log while attempting to collect the treasures that fall down the waterfall.  Only the steadiest of swashbucklers will remain dry long enough to collect the bonus letters to spell the word ‘PIRATES’ and win the super ticket bonus!

Pirate Falls’ bright blue, LED lit pirate themed cabinet with unique barrel controller will stand out in any location, and it’s 47-inch vertical HD display will draw players in to have a go at this family-friendly ticket redemption game!

  • Vibrant 47” HD screen to captivate players.
  • Bright and colourful pirate theme.
  • Unique led lit barrel controller.
  • Family-friendly ticket redemption game.



  • Prize Merchandiser.
  • Available Now!

Magic Arrow will test player’s accuracy in this brand new arcade prize merchandiser! Players will get the game straight away, all they have to do is aim the arrow and shoot for the prize they wish to win! It couldn't be simpler! Magic Arrow is not only perfect for any existing arcade location, but also bars, shopping malls and service stations.

  • "One more go" gameplay
  • Simple to play
  • Quick, easy refilling
  • Brightly lit cabinet
  • 8 prize shelves
  • Prize every time kit option available


  • Ticket Redemption
  • Available Now!

Maze Escape is the brand new, hit redemption game from Sega! Guide the ball through the maze by turning the super-sized wheel, and land it in one of the seven prize zones to escape with your ticket win! The game could not be easier to play, and those that play again and again will soon learn to balance, juggle and manoeuvre the ball through the maze! But only true maze masters will have the skill to land the ball in the bonus zone and come away with the big ticket win!

  • 100% Skill ticket redemption
  • Illuminated super-sized wheel controller
  • Quick, easy to understand gameplay
  • Fun, colourful theming to attract players
  • Standout top to bottom feature lighting


SONIC BASKET BALL (with brand new reactive lighting)

  • Sports
  • Available Now!

With a new colourful rebrand for 2016, Sonic Sports Basketball features everything that made the original such a success, plus even more winning features!

  • Brand new reactive LED lighting effect.
  • New Sonic branding
  • New difficulty setting
  • Linkable up to 15 players
  • Back lit back board
  • Family friendly fun
  • Ticket dispenser built in
  • Moving hoop


With Super Chexx Pro gameplay is fast, exciting, and realistic as the players on either side control all 5 hockey players and the goalie. The new Jumbo Tron features two 5” LCD screes to keeps scores, time and shots on goals! Game can be played as a one on one game, or in many cases, especially for tournaments, it is played two on two. There is an automatic puck return system, overhead dome lighting, and if a game is tied after the normal game play it will automatically go into sudden death overtime - so there's always a winner!!!

Super Chexx can be found in many entertainment centers, arcades, bars, restaurants, pubs, bowling alley's, ice rinks, pool halls, and even homes worldwide!!! The game has been sold in over 52 different countries worldwide.

  • New Jumbo Tron
  • New High Definition audio!
  • 2 to 4 player
  • Ticket redemption feature available
  • Coin or free play
  • Split base option available for doorways under 32"


  • Video
  • Available in January!

Target Bravo: Operation Ghost puts players in the shoes of highly trained special force agents. They must use precision shooting and quick reactions to complete the mission whilst using some of the brand new tools at their disposal!

As well as new weapons, gadgets and equipment, Target Bravo: Operation Ghost allows players to start at any stage of the game, thereby encouraging them to come back and play their favourite stages again and again!

  • NEW time attack mode
  • Theatre enhanced surround sound
  • 55" LED screen