15-17 January 2019 ExCel London Exhibition Centre
Bringing the industry together in two great shows


Electrocoin Product Debut at EAG

Electrocoin will arrive at EAG 2018 with a host of exciting products and new developments of existing successful lines for the Single Site, AGC’s and FEC Sectors

Stern Pinball will as ever have a presence at EAG, displaying the new Star Wars Pinball machine. ‘This game has an enormous appeal,’ said Electrocoin’s John Stergides, ‘we expect it to be one of the most popular pinball machines for some time’.  Making its UK debut at EAG, Stern will also present the new Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball machine which is expected to have huge appeal.

Sega Amusements international To Present A Host Of New Games At EAG & VAE 2018

Sega’s exciting product portfolio will include:-


  • Ticket Redemption, Carnival Themed.
  • Available Now! (Initial orders have started shipping now)
  • This game is made by Sega and ICE – both leaders in the coin op, Redemption industry.

Sega presents its brand new redemption game based on the all-time classic carnival game Hoopla. Designed specifically to encourage parents, kids and friends to play together, players must simply get the hoops on the seven illuminated pegs to win tickets.

Funshare Game Seek Distributors at EAG

Funshare Game is well-established in the R&D, production, sales and service of coin-operated machines.

Basing on our rich experience, we believe that creativity is the weapon that enables us to offer the highest quality products and service to our customers.
At EAG & VAE we will be showing kiddie rides, toy cranes, air hockey and basketball machines.

We are keen to cooperate with local distributors or game centre groups based in the UK or Europe.