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New exhibitor VEX Solutions

12 December 2018

A new exhibitor at EAG International & VAE, VEX Solutions will present its brand new attraction VEX Adventure, unique in the world at the moment. VEX Adventure is a fully immersive VR experience on a small footprint, with special effects added. Wind, heat, vibrations (on the floor, on the player and on the head) and even smells will transport players into another world. The first game, Mission Z, will have a group of 4 players go “into” a broken game to repair it. They will succeed and reactivate the game but a mishap gets them stuck in the game…unluckily for them, it is a zombie game! They will have to go through a manor and find one of the different exit paths to free themselves from the virtual world…alive!  Website:

EAG 2024 exhibition dates & opening times TBC

  • Sunday 2 April: -