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Exhibitor News from World of Rides

19 December 2018

World of Rides Showcasing on Stand 825 at EAG International & VAE 2019

World of Rides 12v and 24v battery rides have been hugely successful during 2018, and as a result operators are asking for more new ride models, to satisfy the demands of their own customers and to encourage them to return again and again during 2019.

On stand 825 the brand new BIG CAR OUTLANDER is a side-by-side seating adventure vehicle for either ‘Parent & Child’ or one or two children on their own over the ages of five years of age. Their fully functioning controls allow them to also be operated as Driving School cars, and their independent suspension allow them to be used on moderate outdoor trails, as well as being used indoors.

 BATTLE STAR BUMPER CARS allows either a ‘Parent & Child’ or one or two children over the ages of eight years old to go into battle against each other. Each car is fitted with a laser gun and three targets, and the cars battle each other to hit the targets on their opponent’s cars, which when hit ‘Stop & Spin’ before being allowed to return to the battle.

World of Rides’ FUTURE BIKES are the only battery rides to have fully working LED revolving wheel lights and ultra violet reflective paintwork, in order to create the most exciting ride available for three to twelve year old children.

The CRAZY BEETLE 360 DEGREE STEERING is something completely new and exciting for three to ten year old children, as the electronic steering wheel can be fully spun in either direction, and where it stops is the new direction that the car will travel. The children never really know which direction they will end up travelling in… so every ride they take is different and full of surprises.

World of Rides will also be displaying some of their ever popular rides, including Racing Cars and Driving School cars.

Also featuring, will be one of a new range of CHILDREN’S CONTINENTAL GALLOPER CAROUSELS. This is a hugely popular coin operated 240v, three-seat horse galloper carousel, which is not available anywhere on any other children’s coin-operated carousel, of a similar price.

Three horse galloper carousels remain hugely popular with parents, due to their own childhood memories of similar rides, and the combination of the bright LED rounding’s lights and artwork, along with the mammoth fairground organ sound effects, make this ride the most popular and profitable… and nostalgic… children’s carousel currently available in the UK.

The ride also has the option of being supplied either with or without the high-top canopy, above the rounding boards, depending upon the ceiling height available in the operators’ premises.


EAG 2024 exhibition dates & opening times TBC

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