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Exhibitor News from Sports Simulator

8 January 2019

Sports Simulator To Launch Its  20th Sport – Disc Golf at EAG International & VAE 2019

Surround Sports Simulator Suites are the ultimate way to experience the world’s most popular sports, all year round matching the sporting calendar and enhancing shopping centres, leisure facilities, sports bars, hotel resorts, residential communities, family entertainment centres, stadiums or homes.

Appealing to all age groups, Sports Simulators can also generate a very quick return on investment, offering luxurious immersive entertainment appealing to weekly tournaments, birthday parties, corporate events, family hospitality, fund raising and regular social entertainment.

Surround Sports Simulator Suites offer 20+ Sports, 313+ Game Challenges and 1,050 plus Sporting Venues, with free of charge software lifetime updates such as another 18 plus sports under development.

Introduce interactive excitement to stadium tours and competitions by utilising the multitude of playing options, or enhancing training sessions with the Ultimate Sports Academy, analysing the players actual sports performance, via four super high-speed digital cameras, giving the world’s most accurate sporting lesson.  

Advertise Sponsors brand on Targets, Balls, Rotating Hoardings and on Pitch Signage, or broadcast their brand message on the In-Game display, another revenue stream.

Sports Simulators can be reviewed at and  the company’s Golf Simulators that been manufactured for 26 years may be reviewed at If you would like to know more about various activations and profit generation, visit

Sports Simulators will be launching its 20th Sport – Disc Golf on stand 445 at EAG International & VAE Expo  on 15th January 2019.

EAG 2024 exhibition dates & opening times TBC

  • Sunday 2 April: -