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Exhibitor News from Instance Automatics

11 January 2019

Instance Automatics Ltd –  Looking Great for EAG 2019

Instance Automatics Ltd are specialists in coin-operated amusement, vending and redemption machines. Established in 1993, the company’s own brand MaxxGrab Cranes are still the top income generating cranes money can buy.

Watch out this year for our Prize Every Time range of cranes, along with the full range of mechanical and electronic vending machines.

On your shopping list should be Lane Master, Coconut Shy and the fantastic football video Fantasy Soccer.

Our Chupa Stairway is still continuing to sell in good numbers, which saw us sell around 6 million lollies in 2018.

Come along and say hello, we have something for everyone on stand 905.


New and improved for 2019, possibly the fastest 2p change machine on the market!  Simply increases your income as no queuing for change. A fantastic addition for any arcade.

  • Ultra fast hopper pays out £1 of 2ps in under 8 seconds
  • Pay tray holds a 300cc and 500cc coin cup
  • Unique 4 drawer coin storage in the machines base
  • Additional coin trap door allows removal of the hopper without having to empty the reservoir


New and exclusive to the UK, a 4 player interactive video football game offering fast paced action… being the world’s most popular sport this game is guaranteed to hit the back of the net!

  • Select teams from multiple countries
  • Physically kick the football to shoot or slide tackle
  • Attractive LED colour changing cabinet
  • Huge 52” monitor providing realistic graphics
  • Play 2 vs. 2 on a single or link 2 machines for 4 vs. 4 match


A new addition for 2019 to our range of prize every time cranes, the toyshop double offers players more choice resulting in better takings whilst still maintaining a small footprint.

  • Simple operation
  • Spectacular artwork
  • Prize every time encouraging repeat play
  • High visibility play field
  • Great for kiddies play areas and pubs


Following huge success with Lanemaster we are pleased to offer the fantastic Lanemaster Pro, a single lane alley smaller in size this is perfect for arcades, bars and shopping centres. The gameplay combines the physical fun of a real bowling alley in the flexibility of a video game providing fun for all the family.

  • 1-6 players compete by taking turns
  • Attractive LED lighting
  • Sensors detect the speed, angle and spin of the ball and is translated on screen
  • Ticket redemption option available
  • Special bonus games awarded
  • 42” LCD gameplay monitor and 32” LCD score display


The exciting ticket crane with a difference, no need to add ticket bundles saving you time and money! Using the claw to pick up assorted brightly coloured mystery balls dropping them through the sensors generating a random win, the jackpot feature offers the enticement of repeat plays.

  • Huge ticket hopper to reduce refills
  • Jackpot is paid randomly to keep players interested
  • Simple percentage control hits the set percentage 100%
  • Each game increments a jackpot that’s not visible to players
  • Strong robust cabinet with internal storage area


The show stopping Coconut Shy makes its return to EAG 2019 accompanied by the new 2 player unit featuring the spectacular super bonus jackpot marquee.

This has been by far the best performing machine of 2018 for many of our customers with proven figures, it really is 2019’s must have machine!

  • Knock down the coconuts to win tickets
  • 1 player and 2 player cabinets available
  • Fully operator adjustable, choose to give a timed game or # of balls
  • Attractive artwork design accompanied by dynamic LED lighting
  • Bonus wheel feature
  • Traditional funfair style game providing fun for all ages


A pusher style prize machine making its debut for 2019. A total of 4 playing positions enticing players to scoop prizes down the win chute, the bed can be filled with candy, ticket bundles and small prizes giving players a great choice of prizes, the options are limitless!

Automatic refill system for replenishing prizes

  • Special bonus features
  • LCD display and push button to control the scoop
  • Dome lifts automatically for easy access to the playing field


Also brand new for 2019 is the UK’s official Minions kiddie ride built under licence from Universal Studios. Built in the UK this ride offers fantastic design and build quality and promises to be a major attraction to kids of all ages. With impressive sounds and lighting it’s not to be missed, it’s going to be a winner!

EAG 2024 exhibition dates & opening times TBC

  • Sunday 2 April: -