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Curious about Cashless? – Then a visit to EAG International is a must!

12 December 2019

Visitors to EAG International 2020 will witness the show’s largest ever showcase of cashless payments solutions, with a dozen exhibitors presenting cashless payment systems. With the volume of contactless payments now exceeding cash, systems on display at EAG International can deliver a win-win situation for leisure operators and their guests.

The cashless payments solutions providers at EAG International are at the leading edge of their field and will advise you on how your business can benefit:

Reduce service activity and machine downtime – re-focus your front-line staff on interacting with customers

Improved security and working capital requirement – less cash or no cash sitting in machines and in transit

Be Socially Responsible – Allow players to set their own limits for time and money spent on a machine and give them the tools to self-exclude if they wish

Really understand your guests and their behaviour – intelligently use the data collected to understand customer preferences and tailor your product offering

Introduce flexible pricing and bonusing – build business during off-peak periods

With such a huge variety of technology on display there will be a solution for every style of business, from pre-loadable cards through to smartphone apps that access e-wallets. There will be systems with social responsibility at their heart, and comprehensive systems that integrate neatly with business management software.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that await your business at The Entertainment, Amusements and Gaming International Expo 14th-16th January 2020!

EAG 2024 exhibition dates & opening times TBC

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