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Cosmic Leisure to exhibit at EAG 2022

27 January 2022

Over the past year I have been trying to create my own niche in the marketplace by sourcing and providing quality family fun games that are easy on the eye, competitively priced, and most of all reliable. On all 3 points I think I have managed to achieve this, having made a good impact on the market this year, where the feedback on my quality service, and back up has been excellent.

All my products are good quality, and all of them come with a FREE OF CHARGE SPARES PACK. In addition, I offer a minimum of 6 month’s warranty aside from accidental damage like a screen being smashed etc, and my spares if required are reasonably priced. My aim is to be here for the long term and to get long-term business, not a one-off deal.

I have been busy sourcing equipment this year as I am acutely aware that there will be mass shortages of products next year, so I have made sure I have plenty of stock going into 2022.

With regards to my Cosmic Carnival zone, I have 6 products that I feel would work perfectly in any FEC, trampoline park or indoor play centre. My recommendations are:


The prices are £3,995 x 5 but the Basketball is £2,995 so £22,970 for the complete wall, as well as A FOC Cosmic Carpet if required. I just think it just sets off the whole concept of having a dedicated kiddies’ area within your venue.

With regards the bigger machines, I have                                                                                                                                                                            



CRAZY CAT £4,995


Like the Cosmic Carnival zone these are my big hitters and are more for the teenagers/adults. They have all performed exceptionally well but I would suggest two Basketballs with a free marquee to link them up.

With regards to spares, unlike some of my competitors who seem to be struggling to supply them, I have a very comprehensive stock of spares, I provide video fix messages for any error code should you have issues with machines, and my phone is on 24/7 so telephoning me at the weekend is not an issue, I will always do my level best to resolve an issue.

With regards to my expectations for the coming year, it is basically to continue to be customer focused, and provide quality equipment at realistic prices. EAG is the perfect platform for those NEW customers that have yet to experience the COSMIC way of doing things.

Discover Cosmic Leisure and more when you attend EAG Expo at London ExCeL this March. Register here.

EAG 2024 exhibition dates & opening times TBC

  • Sunday 2 April: -