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Kashing to exhibit at EAG Expo 2022

1 February 2022

Kashing’s cashless payment solution is for your unattended business. Our telemetry and management platform will enhance all aspects of your business, increase your revenue and decrease operational cost for all your automated machines.

Plan and manage your business better with effective product and stock management. Less waste will save you money by having better insight regarding the state of your devices. Boost your sales by changing your pricing according to seasonal changes.

The Kurvey Hub will be on display at the exhibition and will be wirelessly connected to three/four machines on the stand.

From Kiddy Vend coffee machine to Pool and Juke box.

The Kurvey Hub has been especially designed for hospitality in mind.

It ultimately alleviates the difficulties of the Pool table battery/power issues with normal contactless operation – allowing the pool to credit via a small power usage radio board – which connects wirelessly to the wall mounted hub (selection screen and contactless reader). The outputs allow a lit start button to be used to pulse the ball draw. The free game credit switch is also supported via manual key or ‘Magic Card’.

Not only that but multiple devices can be connected to the hub (up to x 16) – allowing most of your venue’s machines to provide contactless credits.

Completing a ‘networked’ selection not only ensures the venues customers can play/use the equipment when they don’t have coin… but there are major savings to be made in hardware and subscriptions when using two or more devices on the one hub.

Each machine connected can have an image and specific text uploaded remotely. So the venue customers can view the machine they are applying a credit to. Price of play is also machine specific and it can all be updated and configured online – and viewed and self administered thru’ our own portal and back office.

Customers are finding income noticeably increases by the convenient use of ubiquitous debit and credit cards. This solution ensure the costs are minimised while offering the full functionality of contactless to any machine. 

We also are launching our new 2022 telemetry platform at the show. Though its an unseen, clever box of tricks connected to a reader – the new hardware allows us to design many more flexible solutions, due to its intelligent PC base and computing power. It has been designed for flexiblilty and ease of install  and production. With its plug and play set up and machine install – operators will be able to retro fit on site – or complete flush fit readers in their workshops.

Find out more from Kashing about their latest cashless payment solution at EAG Expo from 1st to 3rd March 2022. If you haven’t already, register for your free ticket here.

EAG 2024 exhibition dates & opening times TBC

  • Sunday 2 April: -