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Sports Simulator: Sports entertainment centres are generating high levels of revenue in the leisure and amusement industry

16 February 2022

The take-up of e-commerce and online services has been noticeably increasing year on year since as far back as 2005, where online retail accounted for 5% of all retail.

Fast forward to 2022 and we see social distancing and stay-at-home orders have accelerated adoption of e-commerce and online services to as much as 40%.

High street shoppers, once hesitant to purchase online, are now part of the growing breed of online shoppers that are enjoying the convenience of shopping online along with the savings that can be found.

Additionally, families are increasingly turning to online streaming services instead of visiting cinemas due to a wide variety of affordable online entertainment services on offer.

Does this mean the death of the High Street and shopping malls? Far from it. Instead, the retail experience is evolving towards entertainment that cannot be offered at home.

Retailers now offer creative, innovative, and interactive activations that are bringing entertainment to the shopping experience, and as part of the move towards revitalising retail experiences, shopping malls are utilising empty space to fill a new desire for leisure.

Sports entertainment centres are now in demand and by converting empty retail space and underused cinemas into entertainment zones, investors and landlords are enjoying decent revenues in return.

Introducing multi sports simulators brings a Sports Entertainment experience that can offer over 50 sports, 1,100+ sports challenges and over 2,800 sporting venues. Combining this with shooting, racing, golf and flight simulators generates very quick returns on investment and a very attractive profit. Contact the sports simulator design team for feasibility studies and plans, or find out more at – or come and see us at EAG Expo 2022.

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