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EAG Expo

10 Jan 2024

Game Volt to supercharge competitive socialising at EAG Expo

Game Volt, the product division from the creative technologies at CONDUCTR, is presenting an electrified social gaming experience at EAG Expo on Stand E54 to propel competitive socialising to the next level.

Visitors are invited to shuffle over to try their hand at Supercharged Shuffle, which merges the skill of traditional shuffleboard with the thrill of a video game. The interactive gameplay prompts players to sign in with a selfie, before being divided into random teams and guided through the selection of five interactive games. 

Pucks are tracked in real-time with scores automatically calculated and action replays of the best moments, making this ideal for large group entertainment with great spectator value. Intuitive gameplay with regular refreshes available keeps guests coming back for more, delivering a high repeatability and quick ROI.

Up to eight players participate for a duration of 10 - 60 minutes, whilst other guests in the venue follow all the action of the group, encouraging them to book. 

Game Volt reimagines classic games by giving them a technology twist to create versatile environments with high spectator value that increase dwell time and deliver strong ROI through repeatability and secondary spends.

Peter Cliff, CEO / Founder at Game Volt says:

“The competitive socialising business model is taking F&B and leisure destinations by storm, serving up increased revenues and quick ROI.

“In just one month, one UK venue saw a £30,000 increase from investing in three of our Supercharged Shuffle tables, with all fully booked from Thursday – Sunday, a rise in midweek custom and significant additional spend behind the bar.

“Our products are designed to deliver high return with minimal operator input, with easy installation, intuitive gameplay and regular media refreshes available to keep the experiences evolving with no physical overhauls required. 

“The nature of the games encourages guests to keep returning to better their scores or reach the next level, so operators quickly see a return on investment and increased revenue spend on food and drink.”

If you’re feeling pucky, visit Game Volt on Stand E54 at EAG Expo from 16th – 18th January at Excel, London.


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