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EAG Expo

12 Jan 2024

Instance: Emoji Frenzy and Over the Edge set for biggest ever EAG stand

Emoji Frenzy, BIGFOOT Mayhem and Over the Edge will take centre stage on Instance Automatics’ biggest ever EAG stand.

Emoji Frenzy, BIGFOOT Mayhem and Over the Edge will take centre stage on Instance Automatics’ biggest ever EAG stand.

The 30-year-strong family business considers next week’s event one of the most important in the calendar, allowing the team to meet face to face with loyal customers - and to show off Instance Automatics’ latest blockbuster games.

“Our increase in floor space this year is down to the range of new products we will be showing,” explained managing director Ian Eason. “The UNIS Games range is very exciting for 2024 with some great new innovations. Emoji Frenzy is a stunning centre piece, the latest in the Emoji game series combining cutting-edge technology with timeless arcade fun - up to four players can join the frenzy simultaneously.

“UNIS have also teamed up with the legendary BIGFOOT 4×4 monster truck and have developed the ultimate monster truck arcade driving game. It’s a wild ride of destruction and performing stunts to dominate the competition. BIGFOOT Mayhem is a full-throttle spectacle that pushes the limits of arcade driving and another eye-catching game coming in at over 3m high!”

Indeed, Eason describes EAG as the company’s “shop front” - a place to line-up a wide selection of some of the industry’s most successful and most promising games. Over the Edge, the Winner of the IAAPA Brass Ring Award 2023 for Best New Product at IAAPA Orlando, is one such machine, producing “phenomenal” results for Instance Automatics while on test over the last 12 months. Mini Brands Mania, a prize pusher in which players can win collectable pint-sized replicas of their favourite brands, is another product that Eason has high expectations of.

In fact, prizes will feature heavily on Instance Automatics’ EAG stand, including in the ever-popular Open the Safe, where players must find a key to open the door to the safe to win a prize. Alongside this unit the company will also be showcasing Find the Golden Coin, a new automatic prize vending machine. This unique development can be used with any machines already in operation - operators can simply add a Golden Coin in a capsule and add it to their cranes and pushers.

Instance Automatics will also be debuting a brand new vending point of sale machine, Trading Card Shop. Evolving from the popularity of the trading card sales through the company’s website, Trading Card Shop dispenses up to 6 different types of card, offering players the option of using its onboard contactless payment method. Eason believes it will be a very popular extra in the arcade and in shopping centres as a stand alone, allowing operators to increase revenues after what has been a challenging year for the industry.


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