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EAG Expo

04 Feb 2024

Rob Wheeler: ‘The quality of visitor at EAG was a standout for RBW Systems.’

A must be there show that was high on quality and delivered a pipeline of new business’ is how Rob Wheeler founder of RBW Systems summarised the company’s response to the 2024 edition of EAG Expo. 


“Operators typically don’t come to our stand and leave having placed an order for a system in our case it’s a much more considered investment” explained Rob. “But in the 10-days following EAG its’ been back-to-back completing commercial agreements with new and existing customers. From my experience exhibitions tend to ebb and flow in terms of the physical numbers you have on the stand and whilst I would say the attendance may have been a little down this year the quality of visitor was impressive, with us meeting decisionmakers who had done their research, spoken with our customer base, and had travelled to EAG with a purpose. Networking is clearly an important part of what EAG delivers but we shouldn’t forget it’s also a very important business show for the industry.”


Whilst Rob Wheeler highlighted the stability and robustness of the RBW TITO product the headline act at EAG was the company’s Guardian CMS enterprise-wide cloud-based management solution which enables operators to keep track of their entire operation courtesy of a web browser-based portal.  “Operators had read about Guardian CMS in the trade press consulted and were eager to see it for themselves at EAG” explained Rob. “The functionality within Guardian CMS delivers real benefits intuitively to the operator and the simplicity of use of the Guardian products is a standout for our customers. As I’ve said before ‘you don’t need a PhD to benefit from our technology – this is something which is key to our proposition.”


Other key features which can only be communicated face-to-face or at a live event are philosophy and personality. “Our industry puts a lot of stock on knowing their business partners. Shows such as EAG provide the opportunity to demonstrate what you are all about as a business. As a UK focused independent we know how important it is for operators to work with a supplier who treats every customer the same and is shoulder-to-shoulder with you every step of the way. EAG continues to provide RBW Systems with the important opportunity of demonstrating these core values to operators.”


Looking ahead to what 2024 has in stall for the industry Rob Wheeler believes the next 12-months will be determined by the outcome of potential new legislation and the dates of the next General Election. “We can’t afford for the White Paper proposals to be derailed by the General Election. The government must not procrastinate and leave the industry in limbo” he argued. “As for RBW we have some really exciting projects both in terms of our core product areas as well as some new and exciting collaborations. EAG has provided us with a really solid platform to address the opportunities and meet the challenges of the year ahead.”


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