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Seminar programme 2023

The EAG 2023 seminar programme featured the following high-value and informative seminars addressing the key issues affecting today’s amusement and leisure industry. All sessions were free to attend.

Tuesday, 10th January 2023

Greg Wood, President, bacta

Pubs and Clubs Summit – Putting operators and customers together to improve machine performance

The annual EAG Pub and Club Summit is an opportunity for operators and venue owners to engage directly on the issues that bear directly on machine performance, from public policy to operational gains.  An array of senior level speakers will set the debate alight with insights into the key issues.




Moderator: Greg Wood (President, bacta)
Tony Sophiclides (Strategic Affairs Director, UKHospitality)
Andy Tighe (British Beer and Pub Association)
Pauline Bass (Stonegate, Chair UKH/BBPA/bacta joint machines committee)
Peter Davies (Inspired Entertainment)
Nick Rudd (Bob Rudd Leisure)
Simon Barff (Managing Director, CLMS)

Safer gambling – A ‘How To’ guide to improve engagement with customers

This seminar will bring together experts in the field of safer gambling to discuss the progress the industry has made in modernising its customer engagement and what steps can be taken to augment current practice to best in class.




Moderator: Russell Edge (SR, Compliance and Membership Manager, bacta)
Dan Whitlam (CEO, Gamcare)
Ian Shanahan (YGAM)
Matt Smith (Betknowmore)
Melissa Etherington (VP Partnerships, Gamban)
Rob Mabett (Gordon Moody)
Lee Willows (ESG)
Fiona Palmer (Gamstop)
Ian Semel (Breakeven)

Tagging, posting, tweeting – How to use social media to drive footfall to your venue and players to your products

This seminar repeats the hugely popular bacta webinar held earlier in the year that delved into the very simple ways you can use the power of social media and its free-to-use analytics to market your venues and products to targeted audiences in a way that entices them to visit and play.  Investing literally a few minutes of your time to understand what is at your fingertips can generate thousands in previously unseen revenue.




Tom Flynn (SEC Newgate)
Abbey Crawford (SEC Newgate)

Wednesday, 11th January 2023

BACTA Members gambling review white paper breakfast briefing




Information to follow

Politics is for everyone – What you and your customers need to know and how to engage with politicians effectively

Hear from insiders just what is going on inside our Government and the prospects of a Labour victory at the next election.  What implications might that have for the leisure sector from an economic and public policy perspective?  The seminar will be followed by an opportunity to attend a politics clinic with bacta’s Public Affairs Advisors, SECNewgate, who will provide you with a personalised plan to get you engaged with your local MP, MSP or MS and guide you on what to say.




Moderator: Kevin Williams (Spider Entertainment)
Chris White (SEC Newgate)
John White (CEO, bacta)
Miles Baron (CEO, The Bingo Association)

Member Political Surgeries (BACTA Members’ Lounge)

Members have the opportunity to receive 15 minutes of high level political advice about engaging with their local MP.  These one-to-ones with bacta’s political advisers SEC Newgate, will talk you through how to contact your MP, how to enagage with them and what to say when you do.  With a General Election less than two years away it is vital as the Gambling White Paper progresses towards legislation that all members engage with their MPs and explain just what your business needs government to do in order to ensure you can keep contributing to the local and national economy, providing jobs to thousands and entertainment to millions.




SEC Newgate

Social entertainment’s amusement opportunity

The latest entertainment trend sweeping the UK and international scene has been dubbed “Competitive Socialising” (Social Entertainment). Leading industry specialist, Kevin Williams from Spider Entertainment, will look at the leading operations that are defining this new trend; explore its impact on future thinking and crucially the revenue of the amusement and hospitality sectors, and how best the current industry can adapt to adding this profitable new opportunity to their business.




Kevin Williams (Spider Entertainment)

Energy is expensive – 10 simple ways to cut your bills

With energy costs reaching unprecedented levels to the point they are potentially an existential threat, this seminar will give you a series of steps you can take to cut your energy bill and ultimately hit zero carbon.




Matt Gardner (E2 Services)
Gavin Flinders (E2 Services)

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